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Mumu is a muuvement to unite everyone in crypto. Backed by number go up technology, the bull born from the meme we all know and love is here to lead the charge. Launched with the starting supply of the U.S. dollar, mutoshi and his delinquents are on a mission to dethrone the establishment and forge the ultimate decentralized currency.

The memecoin to rule them all. Join the stampede today.


      1. Convert some money into Solana ($SOL) through a centralized exchange like Binance or Coinbase.
      2. Create a brand new wallet with Phantom App, keep your seed phrase safe, write it down on a piece of paper you can keep safety!
      3. Copy the Solana wallet address and send some Solana from your exchange account to your phantom wallet address.
      4. Now visit an exchange platform such as Raydium (via our buy button if you're having trouble) and head over to 'Swap.' Connect your phantom wallet when prompted.
      5. Swap the Solana in your wallet for Mumu, you can find Mumu as an option by pasting in the contract address below:

Congratulations, you are now a future MULLIONAIRE.